prados de agua rancho at arrowhead ranch

over 322 deeded acres

Prados de Agua Rancho at Arrowhead Ranch (‘Prados’) is a unique parcel of land with all-weather paved access and live water located in Colorado’s South Park region. With an abundance of long grass, the parcel is ideal for grazing, with completely fenced property. There are over 9,500 linear feet of live water on two all-season creeks. Prados is part of Arrowhead Ranch, a set of four ranch properties, and can be added to Stagecoach Crossing Ranch at Arrowhead Ranch if desired. Besides being an excellent property for livestock grazing, Prados is also ideal for fishing, with ample live water on the property. These characteristics are rarely found on one property and at the price point for which Prados is now available.


Arrowhead_icons-1 SITE ACREAGE
  • 322.03 deeded acres
  • Prados has complete perimeter fencing
Arrowhead_icons-2 FRONTAGE ACCESS
  • 1,528 linear feet of frontage on paved Colorado State Highway 9
Arrowhead_icons-3 LIVE WATER
  • 5,168 linear feet of frontage on Fourmile Creek
  • 4,543 linear feet of frontage on High Creek
Arrowhead_icons-4 AMMENITIES
Drive Access, Public Fishing Easement, Well Permit
  • A new access driveway and custom log entry feature off Colorado Highway 9 will be installed by Summer 2023
  • There is a relatively narrow public fishing easement parallel along the live waterway as shown on the Survey
  • Prados has an approved well permit from the Colorado Dept of Water Resources

Arrowhead Ranch Site Map

Download site survey for Prados de Agua Rancho at Arrowhead Ranch

Download site map for Prado de Agua Rancho At Arrowhead Ranch.

Aerial photo looking west across Arrowhead Ranch properties.

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