What is a Heritage Ranch?

a place of significance

Heritage Ranch is a place where friends and family — immediate and extended — can share meaningful life experiences. It is a place where fun and adventure can be experienced by everyone, where shared time is cherished, and relationships are fostered among multigenerational households for generations to come.

Coronado Development founder Dan Carless, Sr., sums up the Heritage Ranch concept:

“The older I get, my desire for significance over success intensifies. For me, the concept of Heritage Ranch is created by a patriarch, matriarch — or both — who take some chips off the table and invest into the lives of people most precious to them: their family, kids, grandchildren, and even great-grandkids. For those of us who still want their money to work for them, investment in a ranch can prove to be financially rewarding. In these times of uncertainty with market volatility and social discord, I cannot think of a better investment for wealth preservation for your family for generations to come. The property at Arrowhead Ranch embodies these fundamental core values.” — Dan Carless, Sr.

Arrowhead Ranch in Perspective

Two hundred years ago, the population of the United States was approximately 5 million people, and 70% were farmers and ranchers. A century ago, the U.S. population was around 105 million, and 27% were farmers or ranchers. Today, the U.S. population is over 330 million, and less than 2% of our population lives on a farm or ranch. Technological advancements and progress have been astonishing over the past two centuries, and in that process, our way of life has dramatically changed. Most of the simple pleasures of life enjoyed by our grandparents and great-grandparents have been lost.

The American Dream as we know it today has been relegated to owning a home. But the Original American Dream was land! Land is what motivated the migration westward spirited by the famous saying, “Go West, Young Man!” Sages Mark Twain and Will Rogers once said, “Buy land; they ain’t makin any more of it!” That catchy statement has proved wise and insightful wisdom over the past century and a half, but never has it been so acute. With the recent pandemic, changing cultural norms, educational evolutions, and increasing crime, the simple and authentic lifestyles of the past are fading. Generations ago, the gathering place for the entire family was where life’s core values were taught, modeled, and learned. Today, these traditions are few and far between — but can be rekindled at Arrowhead Ranch.

Coronado Development offers a peaceful, generous alternative for you and your family to escape the noise and distraction of urban and suburban living. The solitude, well-being, and freedom of wide-open rural spaces await you at Arrowhead Ranch!

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